Stumbling Upon Inspiration in the Florida Keys

It’s nearly impossible to visit the Florida Keys and not be inspired. You’re literally hovering on the crossroads of two incredible bodies of water. The drive alone on the Overseas Highway is enough to give you the chills. But once you step foot on the mangrove islands, you are instantly engulfed in the warm hug of humidity as well as the shroud of history that makes the Keys so inspiring. Many people far greater than us have felt the call of the Keys. For a few days, we walked in their footsteps.

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Song of the Week – Hurricane Winslow

Hurricane Winslow – The Revivalists

Is there a better summer song than a fun, acoustic guitar song? We have also gotten rained on quite a bit the first part of our journey so this seemed appropriate now that summer is officially upon us.

“Had to ask you for a kiss
‘cause I knew you were a lady
You had your hand up on my knee
I had your lips on my mind
And I think I kissed your cheek and darling that’s just fine”

You tell me.

The Complaint Jar Challenge

Complaint Jar

As we set out on our travels, we wanted to create a way to draw attention to the language we all use. That idea sort of spawned the complaint jar concept.

We sat behind a couple at a sunset beach bar on the way to Apalachicola. The man walked in complaining about how the friend they were meeting always picked the same kind of restaurants. The woman chimed in saying how frustrating it is that the friend is always late. As soon as the friend arrived, the conversation picked back up. The complaints changed to those regarding our government and society. With a complete lack of appreciation for the beautiful sunset and rolling waves and chirping birds.

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Song of the Week – Tin Cup Chalice

Tin Cup Chalice

We just wrapped up a week in the Keys and there is no better way to close out that week than watching the sunset over Mile 0 with Jimmy Buffett. If you haven’t been, you should put this one on the list.

Yeah, now the sun goes slidin’ ‘cross the water
Sailboats, they go searchin’ for the breeze
Salt air it ain’t thin
It can stick right to your skin
And make you feel fine.

Enjoy the week!

Song of the Week – Lochloosa


Lochloosa – JJ Grey

There is no better song for going through old Florida. What takes you away from problems. What takes you away from care. Where you can get away from all the bullshit. I go there to get to reality.

“Homesick but it’s alright
Lochloosa is on my mind
She’s on my mind”

Where do you go to get to reality?

Remembering the Good Stuff on the Forgotten Coast

Finally on the Road

After months of planning, preparation, and packing, we finally made it on the road! We left Houston on a perfect Sunday afternoon with a lot of help from family and friends. Our first stop took us to the Mississippi Welcome Center for Becca’s first night in the trailer. We rolled in as my favorite baseball team hit a walkoff homerun in the fourteenth inning and had beautiful sleeping weather. When we woke up, we headed out on scenic highway 90 along the bay. We didn’t get far before we had to pull off at Granny’s Donuts for breakfast. It was smooth sailing through to Pensacola where we hit a bit of a delay dealing with some cell phone issues. Long story short, changing cell phone plans sucks and we should have tackled this a lot sooner. Also, Becca has a new cell number, so reach out if you need that!

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My Father’s Eulogy

This post may be familiar to some of you as I presented these words at my father’s funeral in August of 2017. My father, Paul, passed away just over two years after he retired, at a fairly young 60 years old. His passing taught me just how precious life is. He made sure I realized that you can’t wait to lead the life you want to lead. You should be doing all that you can to live better now. His passing was a pivotal moment that sparked the idea for this whole thing.

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