Live Better Now

Our sole goal with this project is to help people live better now. I want to openly disclaim that we are not going on some Christopher McCandless journey Into the Wild completely unprepared. We meticulously prepared for this trip

Our route took shape based on existing commitments (Becca serving as a bridesmaid in Greenville, SC over Memorial Day weekend), places we wanted to explore, and friends we hadn’t seen in awhile. We  planned our schedule down to the best time of day to leave certain cities to avoid traffic and made sure we were visiting our friends on weekends to ensure optimal hang time.

As for the work we will be doing, I have over 6 years of professional river guiding experience. Becca has five years of customer service experience. We both have training in first aid and CPR. We saved substantial financial resources to give us the freedom and flexibility to go on this adventure.


We are not completely forsaking all responsibility either. Although there may be a hint of yearning for something more that could not be provided by the nine to five until sixty-five corporate life. If anything, we have to assume more responsibility with this venture. We have to craft systems to keep ourselves accountable and constantly evaluate our choices.

No longer are we subject to our employers dictating our schedule. Hooray! Conversely, no longer are we able to float along in salaried positions. The length and duration of our nomadic adventure will be determined solely by our efforts and conscious determination. Who knows – maybe we will fall back on our degrees to get “regular” jobs again next year and look back on this fondly as a practice mini-retirement. That would be the easiest option and for some folks, that would be the right answer.

Endless Possibilities to Live Better

No matter how this adventure turns out, we want to share our story to help people realize just how endless the possibilities truly are. That you can make changes. And that you can live better right now. Not just get by, but truly live better. We totally understand that hopping in a trailer and traveling through the United States to work seasonally on the river is not the solution for everyone. And that’s totally okay. The world would suck if everyone wanted to do the same thing . So again, our goal is to help people see that living better now is possible.

Living better now involves looking at your past and into your future. I know that if I gas 12 beers one night I’m not going to feel very good the next day. Same thing if I eat chili cheese dogs for lunch everyday. Eventually that’s going to turn out poorly for me. So our mission isn’t about disregarding the future. Part of living better now is knowing that you have the resources, skills, abilities, and communities necessary to get you out of bed today, but also around to support you tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade. It’s about finding balance between enjoying today and preparing for tomorrow.

Live Better Now
Live Better Now

Limiting Beliefs Prevent You from Living Better

Another factor of living better now is looking back and determining your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from tapping into our full potential and being the best versions of ourselves. It’s the voice inside your head that says “I can’t do that.” Once you are able to identify your limiting beliefs, you can work to move past fear. Moving past fear is akin to going into a test you have prepared for diligently. Sure you’re going to have some jitters as the teacher passes out the test. However, once you realize you are prepared, the results tend to speak for themselves.

My biggest limiting belief was that I would be defined by my student loan debt and confined to working overly stressful lawyer jobs the rest of my life.  I am terrified of the thought of doing the same thing over and over again for 40 or 50 years. Becca’s limiting belief was that the safest route would be the best route. Sure, that belief led her to becoming a CPA (what’s that about death and taxes?). And sure, a career as a CPA or attorney is respectable. Hundreds of thousands of people are satisfied and fulfilled by those roles.

But are we truly living our best lives allowing ourselves to be defined by those roles? We think not. Accordingly, we have been doing our best to improve every day. Saving money to provide a runway on which to test our boundaries. Reaching out to people who have taken similar leaps of faith to build a supportive community. Sharing our story in hopes of being part of your support community and encouraging you to live better now.

Live your life

What’s Next?

We need to remind ourselves of what is truly possible when you live beyond fear. When you get to that point, you are able to live life on YOUR terms. And that’s what we want to help people attain. We are willing to lead by example.

So what are your limiting beliefs? What scares the sh*t out of you? Our goal is to help you identify your limiting beliefs to move beyond fear. What steps can you take to improve today and prepare for tomorrow? Let’s talk about how you can acquire the tools and resources necessary to live better today and in the future.

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