How We Are Traveling in a Teardrop Trailer

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When we started talking about this trip and a summer of travel, I lived in Austin and Becca lived in Houston. A number of RV dealerships dot the 160 mile trek between those two cities. I took a liking to the smaller teardrop trailers and began inquiring about their pricing. A friend of mine owned a similar type of trailer, so I sent him a text to get his thoughts.

It turned out my friend Larry wanted to move on from the trailer that had served him well on so many fishing trips. He offered us his trailer for $2,500. We shook hands over text.

Becca and I agreed that we could fit the trailer and around $1,000 for any renovations/upgrades into our budget more easily than buying something off the lot.  We also agreed that the experience of making the trailer our own and “roughing it” for a little while was just the type of adventure we wanted.

We initially planned to use the trailer to travel through the first part of our journey and then move into a condo when we arrived in Teton Valley, Idaho. As life would have it, another couple outbid us on the only condo that piqued our interest. So instead, we decided to challenge ourselves to live out of the trailer with two dogs all summer.

Outfitting the Trailer

We have some ideas on how to outfit this bare-bones trailer to better suit our needs. We will set up a tailgate tent off the back of the trailer as our kitchen space. We plan to buy a futon instead of the mattress shown here. Becca’s dad is going to help us build in some storage.   Part of the fun of this trip is the challenge of preparing for it. We fully expect to learn so much more along the way though. We are excited to experience something together that can’t be taught in school or a conference room.

Update, on April 17 we picked up the trailer and named him Homer! We are hoping he will be a trust steed on our trip or adventure or odyssey or whatever it is we are doing this summer!

Let us know if you have any suggestions to save space or gear we need to get!

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  1. Comments are closed on the “why are we doing this” post, so I will comment here. When you leave Asheville and the Biltmore Estate, I strongly suggest you jump on the Blue Ridge Parkway and head west toward Cherokee, NC. About halfway, stop at the Pisgah Inn on top of Pisgah Mountain, get a table near the windows so you can see forever across the mountains, and order the trout, which will be fileted tableside. From there, you can continue on the Parkway, or head down the mountain to Waynesville, NC, a beautiful little mountain town 20 miles west of Asheville where I lived for 14 years. Walk the main street.

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