Am I crazy for walking away from a good job?

Am I crazy for walking away from a good job?

On Monday, April 9, I put my notice in, letting my employer know that I would be resigning, effective at the end of the month. Sounds crazy, right? This decision came with a lot of thought, but after five years working in the professional world, I have collected enough data to determine that preparing tax documents is not how I want to spend the next few years of my life. At least not full time.

How do they define insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? So maybe it’s not so crazy what we are doing. A number of things conspired to convince me that now was the time to try something different. Chief among them was my father’s passing last year. That was a defining moment for myself and my family, but it also closed one chapter of our life.

Our goal this summer is to take in as many sunsets as possible. Because the simple wonder of what’s all around us is often overlooked. Taking a quick walk outside can change your whole perspective on the day. Small changes in favor of yourself can lead to fantastic changes over time.

So call me crazy, but on May 6, we are departing for an adventure throughout the United States. Along the way, we are going to share some things we have learned about adventuring, life and money as well as our observations of life on the road – and what it takes to live out of a trailer all summer!

So follow along if you want. Share any tips you might have. We are looking forward to it and we hope you enjoy the journey! Have you ever done anything this crazy? Or maybe it’s not that crazy after all.

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