Drive to East Cape for the First Sunrise in the World (New Zealand Adventure #2)


Our next adventure followed a beautiful drive along the Northern coast of the North Island in our trusty steed Wingy, our Nissan Wingroad rental car. We saw so many beautiful rivers and mountains and sea shores on our way to Hick’s Bay. Even had to pull off to the shoulder a couple times to take it all in.

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Spend the Evening at the Tamaki Maori Village (New Zealand Adventure #1)


First on our list of favorite things to do in New Zealand was our cultural experience at the Tamaki Maori Village. Maori are the indigenous people to New Zealand. Legend has it they were led by a hammerhead shark across the ocean to find New Zealand. The island nation boasts no native mammals. Accordingly, the Maori people were farmers and fishermen before Europeans introduced sheep and chickens. Each tribe built their settlement around food sources and protected them fervently.

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Our Ultimate New Zealand To-Do List

New Zealand

When we looked back on our time in New Zealand, we realized it was going to be challenging to write one long blog on everything we did throughout the country. So instead, we decided to put together write ups on our 10 favorite moments, trips, hikes, or adventures.

Here is our ultimate list of things to do in New Zealand!

  • Spend the evening at the Tamaki Maori cultural experience
  • Drive to East Cape for the first sunrise in the world (coming soon!)
  • Explore Hawke’s Bay with Prinsy’s Wine Tour (coming soon!)
  • Hike Abel Tasman National Park and Stay at the Aqua-Packers (coming soon!)
  • Explore the West Coast and Westport (coming soon!)
  • Fly into the backcountry out of Haast (coming soon!)
  • Fish on the Oreti River(coming soon!)
  • Drive up to Glenorchy (coming soon!)
  • Cruise through Milford Sound (coming soon!)
  • Chase Waterfalls in the Catlins (coming soon!)
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Dry January: Looking Back

Dry January

February is finally here! We survived our first month living in the mountains in the winter time. And more importantly, we survived the annual Dry January. That’s right, we went the whole month without a drop of alcohol. Except for New Year’s Day and a wonderful wedding weekend in Austin, Texas. With the month come to a close, it felt like an appropriate time to share some thoughts on giving up the cooking sherry for a few weeks.

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A Guide’s Guide to Learning New Skills


I am now four days into my skiing career. I have experienced three challenging, but enjoyable days skiing, and one flat out bad day. In fact, I got the inspiration to write this post after falling no less than 15 times and tweaking my knee. I ended my ski lesson early that day, but took the afternoon to write about the rollercoaster of learning something new.

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The Search for an Endless Summer

As I write this, the temperature is 38 degrees outside in St. Louis, Missouri. Once we publish this post, we will be back in Victor, Idaho. Our first winter in the mountains. Snow will cover the ground, the overnight temps will dip into the single digits, if not below zero. Not only have we lost the sun soaked days of summer, but our endless summer has come to and end. Continue reading “The Search for an Endless Summer”

Trekking From Georgia to Idaho

Well folks, if you’ve been following along, you know that we are very behind in our travel updates. Oops! Unfortunately for the blog, our focus shifted once we stopped being tourists and started visiting family and friends. And contrary to popular belief, we have been very busy working for Natural Retreats.

We certainly don’t want to cheat you out of hearing about our adventures though! So here goes an overview of our selected stretch of road between Tybee Island in Georgia, and Swan Valley in Idaho.

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