Learning to Save and Growing with Acorns

This post is not sponsored by Acorns but it might as well be. I can’t say enough good thing about the micro-investing app. By means of introduction, Acorns is an app on your phone and computer that allows you to save and invest tiny amounts of money that can grow into huge amounts over time. This post does not review the app per se, if you want to check out some reviews, you can read more at Nerdwallet, Student Loan Hero, or Investor Junkie.

Those guys have you covered on the nuts and bolts of the app. This post is instead about how the app has helped guide me from rough times in my financial journey and in a roundabout way, in real life.

I love that you can see all of your deposits, withdrawals, growth, and loss all in one chart. I started investing with Acorns just over 3 years ago, so we have a pretty decent sample size of decisions and market conditions to work with. Here goes, the high points and low points over the last 3 years.

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Why We Started the Blog

We are a little over a year into this whole blogging thing, and it’s time we introduce ourselves to our newer followers/update everyone as to where we are now. When we started the blog, my wife (then fiance) and I were still working corporate jobs in Texas. We had to hide behind internet anonymity for a few months, but that is no longer the case. My name is Chris Conant and my wife’s name is Rebecca Conant. Together we make up the Sunset Seekers. Our goal with starting this blog was to help folks find a way to live better now.

Who we are

I describe myself as a recovering lawyer, fishing addict/guide, dog dad, and husband to Rebecca Conant. I describe my wife as “Becca Conant: Accounting Superstar”, dog mom, crafter extraordinaire, and all around badass. We found love in the hopeless bowels of the internet (matching twice before connecting actually), survived my father’s passing, and dealt with job turmoil before leaving the Texas heat behind for Teton Valley, Idaho. If you are ever in the area, come say hello at Teton Valley Resort. Please bring treats for our dogs, they will love you forever.

I now manage the South Fork Outfitters fly shop in Swan Valley, Idaho and my wife is putting her CPA license to use for Chircop and Colyer in Driggs, Idaho. When we left Texas, we had no idea where our travels would take us, but opportunity presented itself in the form of a job offer for me. Becca quickly found her skills in high demand.

Why we started the blog

We hatched the idea to start the blog on a car ride to Waco, Texas for our nephew’s first birthday party. I was a little sheepish about suggesting the idea to Becca, but we had already been discussing making big changes, why not document everything? I took a deep breath and blurted out the whole concept. Before long, we were tossing around ideas for a name.

I wanted the blog to combine our love for travel, personal finance, and overall self improvement. We agreed the title should be flexible, so we could take the blog wherever it may take us. I really liked the concept of finding a better way to end the day. For years, I ended my days working jobs I hated by indulging in beer and fast food.

It was a terribly unhealthy lifestyle, as well as an awful way to end the day.  And something I wanted to change when we got on the road. And so, we settled on The Sunset Seekers. Worst case scenario, we’d have something to show our kids to prove that we weren’t always boring worry warts.

In the moment, we already knew we were quitting our jobs and hitting the road. That’s a hard thing to explain to folks. What we were doing. Why we were doing it. How we were doing it. So we figured putting it all on paper might help folks understand our motivations a bit better.

When people gave us the “y’all are crazy look,” we would just refer them to the blog. Actually, people got about three questions before they were referred to the blog. It can get exhausting explaining things to folks! And we got a decent amount of pushback when we started telling our family and friends.

Finding our voice with the blog

Turns out, we had a lot more to say about our adventures than just where we went and what we did once we got there. A lot goes into making a decision to relocate across the country, especially taking five weeks in a teardrop trailer to get there. It took a lot of convincing (even ourselves) and communication to make it a reality. And it takes hard work every day to keep the dream alive.

Now we are living and working in Teton Valley. But always keeping an eye on the future and figuring out what the next adventure is going to be. We need to restock our fun tickets after our wedding and honeymoon in New Zealand.

Where are we going?

But big things are coming. A house? A kid? More trailers to rent on Outdoorsy? Mexico? Whatever happens, it’s going to be a fun ride and we would love to have you follow along on the blog.

We hope to be a motivation for anyone trying to make a change. Most importantly, we want to hear your story. What obstacles have you overcome? What direction do you want your life to move? If we can help even in some small way, let us know!

As a final note, if you are interested in starting your own blog, we recommend using Bluehost. You can check out more here!

We Broke our Budget in 2018 (And Here’s How We Are Going to Fix it in 2019)

In 2018, we used our budget to guide us through three financially sound quarters and then one rough quarter. The first five months of 2018 entailed a ton of saving and downsizing as we prepared for life on the road. At one point, we were saving almost 40% of our income.

We then worked all summer in Swan Valley, Idaho. I took up my old job as a fly fishing guide. Becca worked as a front desk attendant for the lodge. She also worked as a remote accountant for the job she thought she was leaving in Houston.  Between those three gigs, we earned more than we originally estimated.

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Explore Hawke’s Bay with Prinsy’s Wine Tour (New Zealand Adventure #3)

After watching the first sunrise in the world, we headed down the coast to Napier. Napier was probably my favorite city we visited in New Zealand. The city had a nice European feel mixed with a touch of San Diego beach life. Everything seemed to move a little more slowly though. Little cafes and coffee shops dot the beach front promenade. Beckoning you in for a taste with a view. The thing that really sets Napier apart from any other city – the predominantly Art Deco architecture.

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Drive to East Cape for the First Sunrise in the World (New Zealand Adventure #2)


Our next adventure followed a beautiful drive along the Northern coast of the North Island in our trusty steed Wingy, our Nissan Wingroad rental car. We saw so many beautiful rivers and mountains and sea shores on our way to Hick’s Bay. Even had to pull off to the shoulder a couple times to take it all in.

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Spend the Evening at the Tamaki Maori Village (New Zealand Adventure #1)


First on our list of favorite things to do in New Zealand was our cultural experience at the Tamaki Maori Village. Maori are the indigenous people to New Zealand. Legend has it they were led by a hammerhead shark across the ocean to find New Zealand. The island nation boasts no native mammals. Accordingly, the Maori people were farmers and fishermen before Europeans introduced sheep and chickens. Each tribe built their settlement around food sources and protected them fervently.

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Our Ultimate New Zealand To-Do List

New Zealand

When we looked back on our time in New Zealand, we realized it was going to be challenging to write one long blog on everything we did throughout the country. So instead, we decided to put together write ups on our 10 favorite moments, trips, hikes, or adventures.

Here is our ultimate list of things to do in New Zealand!

  • Spend the evening at the Tamaki Maori cultural experience
  • Drive to East Cape for the first sunrise in the world
  • Explore Hawke’s Bay with Prinsy’s Wine Tour
  • Hike Abel Tasman National Park and Stay at the Aqua-Packers (coming soon!)
  • Explore the West Coast and Westport (coming soon!)
  • Fly into the backcountry out of Haast (coming soon!)
  • Fish on the Oreti River(coming soon!)
  • Drive up to Glenorchy (coming soon!)
  • Cruise through Milford Sound (coming soon!)
  • Chase Waterfalls in the Catlins (coming soon!)
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Dry January: Looking Back

Dry January

February is finally here! We survived our first month living in the mountains in the winter time. And more importantly, we survived the annual Dry January. That’s right, we went the whole month without a drop of alcohol. Except for New Year’s Day and a wonderful wedding weekend in Austin, Texas. With the month come to a close, it felt like an appropriate time to share some thoughts on giving up the cooking sherry for a few weeks.

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